1:14 10x10 MAN F2000 heavy duty with lifting axle ScaleClub 4590.00 €

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Fully assembled 10x10 chassis with hydraulic lift steer axle at the rear. The frame and many attachments are made of stainless steel and are already assembled. 5 lockable axles guarantee maximum power off-road! 7.2V motor, 3-speed gearbox and servos for differential lock are already installed. The metal MAN F2000 driver's cab still has to be assembled and painted. Battery and remote control are optionally required.

The truck is equipped with dummy air springs on the rear axles, which work very well thanks to internal coil springs.

The chassis is equipped with many fine details and is still suitable for tough off-road use!

Delivery: Fully assembled 10x10 chassis made of stainless steel with lockable axles, lift steering axle at the rear, engine, gearbox, servos, hydraulics, driver's cab made of metal kit unpainted, heavy-duty tower.

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